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It may surprise you, but Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal or insect. If you combine this with the fact that the Norwalk mosquitoes we have here are becoming acclimated to the urban conditions, then you can see why we’re worried.

Although pest professionals can significantly impact the mosquito population in an area, it is not possible to promise complete mosquito removal. With our Norwalk mosquito control services, it is our goal to reduce the mosquitoes in your vicinity by about 80%. We understand that our clients would like to get rid of their Norwalk mosquito threat completely, but that’s just not something that a pest control company can do.

Once you decide to call one of our Norwalk mosquito control professionals we will come out to inspect the area near the bite site. During the inspection we will identify the type of mosquito and the breeding area. To be the most successful, we will target the mosquitoes at the adult, as well as the larva stage. If you’re worried about the mosquito population near your home or business then you need to call Pest Control of Norwalk at (562) 239-2207 immediately!

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